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The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association identified seven controllable factors associated with fatal dog attacks. Breed was not one of them.

We are discussing each of these factors over the next two weeks as part of our #BSLbytes initiative.

Factor #1 – lack of supervision (see yesterday’s post!)

Factor #2 – lack of familiar relationship between the victim and the dog. Regardless of any established positive relationships a dog may have, it is incorrect to assume that the dog will feel comfortable around all people in all circumstances. An unfamiliar child or adult may change a dog's environment and perhaps its comfort level. It is important to educate yourself and children how to approach (or not approach) unfamiliar dogs, and to read basic canine body language.
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For background on the #BSLbytes campaign visit the HugABull blog: http://blog.hugabull.com/take-a-byte-out-of-bsl


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