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The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association identified seven controllable factors associated with fatal dog attacks (breed was not one of them). 

We are discussing each of these factors over a two-week period as as part of our #BSLbytes initiative. 

Factor #1 – lack of supervision (see Tuesday’s post!) 
Factor #2 – lack of familiar relationship between the victim and the dog (Wednesday) 
Factor #3 – failure to spay/neuter (Thursday) 

Factor #4 – victim had a compromised ability to manage interaction with the dog(s) 

In over 77% of cases, the victim was in a particularly vulnerable state in relation to the dog. This could mean that the victim was a child or had limited mental or physical capacity. Nearly half of victims in the studied cases were under the age of five. 

Given the disproportionate number of dog bites occurring among children, it’s critical that children and parents are given tools to safely manage interactions. 

In some municipalities, organizations or parent groups have introduced bite-free education into school curricula or summer programs. Check out stopthe77.com for information and sample workshops. 

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For background on the #BSLbytes campaign visit the HugABull blog: http://blog.hugabull.com/take-a-byte-out-of-bsl 


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