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Media reporting and breed stigma form a vicious cycle. “Pit bull” attacks are more likely to be reported, and the more people hear about them, the more they assume that (1) pit bull attacks are rampant and (2) any short-haired aggressive dog is a pit bull. The media is usually reluctant to acknowledge this bias, but sometimes a reporter will surprise us. A few years ago, CBC reporter Matthew Lazin-Ryder investigated whether his station had a bias in dog attack reporting, and found some surprising (to them) results.

EDITED: The CBC player doesn't seem to be working in all browsers at the moment. If you can't hear the clip, bookmark it for later because it's a good one! Spoiler: Lazin-Ryder found that if you compare the breeds profiled in the media to the breeds involved in attacks, there's a definite mismatch.

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For background on the #BSLbytes campaign visit the HugABull blog: http://blog.hugabull.com/take-a-byte-out-of-bsl


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