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The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association analyzed dog bite-related fatalities from 2000 to 2009, and identified a co-occurrence of seven controllable factors (spoiler alert - breed was not one of them!). Four or more of these factors were present in over 80% of cases.

Over the next two weeks we will outline each of these seven factors as part of our #BSLbytes initiative.

Factor #1 – lack of supervision. In over 87% of the cases, there was not an able-bodied person present to intervene. The most preventable incidents involved very young children left alone with dogs to whom they were unfamiliar, or toddlers allowed to wander off and encounter unfamiliar dogs. Young children should never be left unsupervised with any dog. A dog bite incident resulting from the lack of supervision can even be considered criminally negligent.

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For background on the #BSLbytes campaign visit the HugABull blog: http://blog.hugabull.com/take-a-byte-out-of-bsl


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