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Psstttt Justice for Bullies followers and members we need your help!

On October 18th, 2016 the council of Miami Dade will return to discuss the potential of repealing breed specific legislation.

Tentatively scheduled for a public hearing before the Metropolitan Services Committee Hearing Date: 12/14/2016

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Please take this time to send emails of encouragement towards safer communities that embrace breed neutral bylaws.

Please remain factual, respectful and as an outstanding reflection of all of us.


Here are a few, and to the point examples that you can copy and paste:

"Good Evening,

In order to establish a safe and humane community we need to put the focus on owner accountability and responsibility. It is necessary to have laws in place that provide protection against dogs who are proven to be dangerous dogs and it is equally important to have laws that protect dogs from dangerous humans.

The protection of the public health, safety and welfare can be achieved through acts such as the “Dangerous Dog Act” and the “Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw” both of which are breed neutral and highly successful as demonstrated in Calgary, Alberta.

I would like to suggest that the current ordinance be repealed and replaced with a Responsible Ownership Bylaw and a Dangerous Dog Act that are both breed neutral.

Breed Specific Legislation punishes dogs based off of their appearance and presumed breeds. Breed Specific Legislation is expensive, ineffective, provides a false sense of public safety, and punishes dogs that are not dangerous.

Breed Specific Legislation fails to realize that all breeds of dogs have the ability to be aggressive and that there are co-occurrences which are present in most dog attacks. These co-occurrences all fall under a lack of owner responsibility and accountability.

Dog bites are a community responsibility and we all need to become aware of the dangerous dogs in our communities and more importantly ensure that the owners of these dogs do their due diligence and keep the public safe from their pets. The best way to reduce dog bite related incidents is to focus on improved ownership, a better understanding of dog behavior, education of parents and children regarding safety around dogs, and consistent enforcement of dangerous dog owner ordinances in the community.

Research consistently shows that BSL is not effective and often is a waste of community’s resources, time and budgets.

I would like to thank you for taking a moment to read my concerns, and look forward to hearing back from you.


________________________________________ <-- put your name here

Good Morning,

As a concerned taxpayer, I am opposed to breed specific legislation.

Regulations that target specific breeds force animal control officers to become breed identification experts in order to identify whether or not a dog is one of the targeted breeds, and draws their attention away from true animal control matters.

Breed specific policies will fill our shelters with family pets than cannot legally be kept or adopted out because their breed has been “blacklisted”. Our limited tax dollars continue to be used to care for or euthanize dogs that would otherwise never have ended up in a shelter.

Instead of arbitrarily targeting specific breeds, lawmakers should focus their attention on dangerous dog policies that hold all dog owners accountable for their pets. This would prove far more cost-effective, enforceable and humane.


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