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Good Evening,

As per the Animal Control "fact sheet" and the newly enacted bylaw, it states that it is not permissible to keep more than four pets in a housing unit, all species combined.

Prior to this bylaw my home was often utilized by local rescues as a safe placement for animals requiring a foster.

Due to this new bylaw if I were to foster a pet in need I would be above my pet limit and would be breaking the law.

Please advise how this will help the situation of Montreal's very high homeless pet population.


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Email addresses to send this to:

Denis Coderre <>; Jim Beis <>; Michel Bissonette <>; Christine Black <>; Karine Boivin-Roy <>; Richard Celzi <>; Harout Chitilian <>; Catherine Clément-Talbot <>; Suzanne Décarie <>; Mary Deros <>; Alan deSousa <>; Pierre Desrochers <>; Érika Duchesne <>; Marc-André Gadoury <>; Pierre Gagnier <>; Manon Gauthier <>; Jean-Marc Gibeau <>; Richard Guay <>; Patricia Lattanzio <>; Francesco Miele <>; Jean-François Parenteau <>; Lionel Perez <>; Dominic Perri <>; Giovanni Rapana <>; Chantal Rouleau <>; Chantal Rossi <>; Aref Salem <>; Anie Samson <>; Monique Vallée <>; Russell Copeman <>; Elsie Lefebvre <>; Réal Ménard <>; Richard Bergeron <>; Marie Cinq-Mars <>; Jean-François Cloutier <>; Claude Dauphin <>; Lorraine Pagé <>



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