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Here is the email list for those who voted in favor of the new animal control bylaw. 

Denis Coderre <>, Jim Beis <>, Michel Bissonette <>, Christine Black <>, Karine Boivin-Roy <>, Richard Celzi <>, Harout Chitilian <>, Catherine Clément-Talbot <>, Suzanne Décarie <>, Mary Deros <>, Alan deSousa <>, Pierre Desrochers <>, Érika Duchesne <>, Marc-André Gadoury <>, Pierre Gagnier <>, Manon Gauthier <>, Jean-Marc Gibeau <>, Richard Guay <>, Patricia Lattanzio <>, Francesco Miele <>, Jean-François Parenteau <>, Lionel Perez <>, Dominic Perri <>, Giovanni Rapana <>, Chantal Rouleau <>, Chantal Rossi <>, Aref Salem <>, Anie Samson <>, Monique Vallée <>, Russell Copeman <>, Elsie Lefebvre <>, Réal Ménard <>, Richard Bergeron <>, Marie Cinq-Mars <>, Jean-François Cloutier <>, Claude Dauphin <>, Lorraine Pagé <>



Nous, citoyens à travers le monde, vous demandons de reconsidérer le projet de loi sur le contrôle des animaux de compagnie ainsi que ses impacts sur la réputation de la Ville et sur le tourisme.

Jusqu'à ce qu'une révision de ce projet de loi soit effectuée, nous allons boycotter Montréal.

Nous allons voyager et dépenser notre argent là où nos animaux de compagnie sont les bienvenus.



Rough English version

"We the people, encourage you to reconsider the proposed animal control bylaw and the impact it will have on your cities reputation and tourism.

Until this proposed law is reconsidered we will boycott travel to Montreal.

We will spend our money where our family pets are welcomed to vacation with us.

Thank you"

Sample letter 2

À Denis Coderre (Maire de Montréal, Québec, Canada):

Si vous et vos conseillers municipaux insistez pour restreindre et interdire les chiens en raison de leur apparence, nous et tous nos amis ne contribuerons pas aux revenus de Montréal en tourisme.

Tant que vous ciblerez des races spécifiques dans vos règlements, nous boycotterons la ville de Montréal en ne la visitant plus.

Nous ne tolérerons pas la discrimination créée par vous, Maire Coderre, et vos amis politiques. Vous savez déjà de tous les experts que les règlements basés sur les races n’améliorent pas la sécurité publique.

Plutôt que de mettre en place un règlement et des programmes qui fonctionnent, tant que vous choisirez une approche inefficace pour la sécurité publique qui tuera des milliers d’animaux de compagnie inoffensifs afin de donner l’impression que vous « agissez »", vous, votre conseil municipal et votre ville ne méritez pas notre argent.

Montréal: Ma ville inclut TOUS les chiens!

English Version

To Denis Coderre (Mayor of Montréal, Québec, Canada):

If you and your city council politicians insist on restricting and banning dogs because of the way they look, then we and all of OUR friends will choose not to contribute to the City of Montreal tourism revenue.

As long as you have breed-specific language in your laws, we will boycott the city of Montreal.

We will not condone the discrimination created by you, Mayor Coderre, and your political friends. You already know from every expert that this type of legislation does not improve public safety.

Instead of implementing proven bylaws and programs that work, as long as you are willing to take the lazy approach to public safety, killing thousands of unoffending family pets in order to look like you are "doing something", then you, your city council, and your city do not deserve our money.

My Montréal includes ALL dogs!



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  • This is truly a waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. There isn’t a breed of dog that doesn’t bite. The legislation states that “animals are not things. They are sentient beings and have biological needs.” Start holding all reckless dog owners accountable for their actions. It’s not the breeds that are the problem, it’s the people that own and raise them.- It’s the same for children who bully or who steal…..people need to be held accountable!

    Lisa on

    Lydia Benade on
  • My family was planning a trip to Montreal in the spring.
    Will not be coming if this ban goes into affect.
    These dogs are family members and as safe as any other dog

    Jeanne FItzpatrick on
  • Stop being so barbaric! Have some compassion for these pet owners!!!!

    Jennifer Shea on
  • You are not making a difference in statistics..
    You are traumatizing children and adults with the thought of their family member being ripped away.
    You are providing endless amount of tears, depression, panic attacks, vomiting, sleepless nights, and a broken home.
    You are providing murder to innocent dogs at an increased rate….

    Sonia Arroyo on

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