September 26th, 2016

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Please for the love of dog take my pleas seriously.

There is no reason why each and every single one of you cannot sign the 2 petitions in the link:

You have until September 26th to be proud that you stood for something.

You have until September 26th to be proactive and lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

You have until September 26th to stop waiting around for someone else to use their voice when all of us have our own voices.

Less than 7 days of the last known freedoms of dogs who look like Magoo.

Less than 7 days of being a dog owner with rights, before the government strips you of them.

Less than 7 days for all 60,000 of our followers to take 10 minutes out of your life and click the link on my bio.

Less than 7 days for our followers to be proactive and stand beside our friends in Montreal before it is too late and we are all forced to become reactive.

Less than 7 days for all of you to stand with us and help in the only way we can via the power of social media.

Less than 7 days of panic, chaos, heartache and preparation for what the future holds for you and your dog in Montreal. Less than 7 days of the unknown.

The emotions that will be felt on the 26th should the majority vote yes will last a life time. Fear, panic, chaos and heartache will be widespread throughout one of Canada's largest cities

call the City DAILY and enquire about the morphological characteristics needed to know if you dog falls within the definition: Montreal 311, outside Montreal 514-872-0311
Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:30pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm

This is his LAST public appearance before the vote!
Starting at 11am In front of 775 Berri in Montreal (no dogs, bring signs!) 3) JOIN THE PROTEST AT CITY HALL SEPTEMBER 26:
275 Notre-Dame Est, Montreal
Starting at 5pm

4) TODAY write and call all Councillors to insist that they attend their information session by Anie Samson on the proposed bylaw to ask questions, and listen to what is proposed.

5) ASK YOUR VET TO DENOUNCE THE BAN: They are letting their clients - you - down by staying silent about the proposed bylaw.
6) ASK PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS TO DENOUNCE THE BAN: Bar associations and other professional associations should voice their opposal now!

7) ASK CELEBRITIES TO STAND UP: Tweet dog loving celebrities, raise their awareness on Montreal's ban, ask them to share petitions, to do a video addressed to Coderre on the wrongness of BSL!

8) REACH OUT TO ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS: Email, call them and voice your concerns, ask them their bases for voting, let them know you don't support their approval of this bylaw!


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