The fight is far from over

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I hate to be this guy, but for whatever reason it is my job in life to be that guy so here it goes.

I understand everyone's joy and happiness in the decision made by
Superior Court Justice Louis J. Gouin, to grant a suspension on Montreal's "pit bull" ban, I too am incredibly happy.

However, we all need to remember that this is not just about "pit bulls".

This is about pet owners in general, and about our rights as human beings.

This is about dogs (not just pit bull types), this is about large breed dogs, this is about felines, this is about all other types of pets, and this is also about hybrids.

This is about pet limits that have no grandfather clause, this is about people being forced to re-home or euthanize pets who were already active members in their family.

This is about being forced to use tools for walking our dogs that we may not wish to use. This is about having 0 resources and time to desensitize our dogs to these tools, and a lack of available tools for the public to purchase.

This is about having 0 privacy and having to accept the fact that "competent authority" now has the right to enter our homes without warrant.

This is about denying people with previous criminal records the opportunity of a second chance and the benefits of companionship.

We need to fight equally hard for all of the above and we also need to remember that although we have been granted a suspension this is not permanent, and this is not the end all be all.

There is still an entire court case ahead of the Montreal SPCA and there are still so many issues that people are forgetting about.

If you can help the Montreal SPCA raise funds for their legal battle it would be greatly appreciated. The battle is far from done and they will need all of the financial support they can get.

This is not over and the pressure will need to continue just as much as it did last month, last week, a few days ago.

With a press release from the Mayor on October 6th, 2016 stating he will be appealing the judges decision it is clear that this battle is far from over.

So please, as we celebrate that the ban has been placed on suspension remember all of the other issues that this bylaw has and do not stop fighting.


That guy (who is by the way a female)

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