We are very excited to participate in the 2017 Calgary Pet-A-Palooza


Below is a sample letter we are asking everyone to send to the elected officials who voted yes to Montreal's new bylaw. 

Please copy this information into the "TO" section of your email: 

Denis Coderre <denis.coderre@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Jim Beis <dimitrios.beis@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Michel Bissonette <michel.bissonnet@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Christine Black <christine.black@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Karine Boivin-Roy <karine.boivin.roy@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Richard Celzi <richard.celzi@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Harout Chitilian <harout.chitilian@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Catherine Clément-Talbot <catherineclementtalbot@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Suzanne Décarie <suzannedecarie@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Mary Deros <mderos@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Alan deSousa <adesousa@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Pierre Desrochers <p.desrochers@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Érika Duchesne <erika.duchesne@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Marc-André Gadoury <marc-andre.gadoury@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Pierre Gagnier <pierre.gagnier@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Manon Gauthier <manon.gauthier@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Jean-Marc Gibeau <jgibeau@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Richard Guay <richard.guay@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Patricia Lattanzio <patricia.r.lattanzio@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Francesco Miele <francesco.miele@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Jean-François Parenteau <jean-francois.parenteau@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Lionel Perez <lionel.perez@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Dominic Perri <dperri@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Giovanni Rapana <giovanni.rapana@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Chantal Rouleau <chantal.rouleau@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Chantal Rossi <chantal.rossi@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Aref Salem <aref.salem@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Anie Samson <asamson@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Monique Vallée <monique.vallee@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Russell Copeman <russell.copeman@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Elsie Lefebvre <elsie.lefebvre@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Réal Ménard <real.menard@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Richard Bergeron <richardbergeron@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Marie Cinq-Mars <mariecinq-mars@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Jean-François Cloutier <jfcloutier@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Claude Dauphin <cdauphin@ville.montreal.qc.ca>; Lorraine Pagé <lorraine.page@ville.montreal.qc.ca>

Next please put the subject as "MONTREAL CELEBRATION" OR "MONTREALS 375TH BIRTHDAY" 

Next please copy and paste the body below

Montreal's 375th Anniversary celebration starts in December. The 375MTL website has described it as a moment in time when history will look back and say "That's when the future of Montreal Began!" 

Before that even happens, pet owners all over the world are realizing that Montreal does not want them as part of that future.  

Does Montreal really want to be known worldwide as one of the worst places to own a pet? 

Because of your decision to pass the  animal bylaw we are choosing not to support any of the 375MTL celebrations. 



********If you wish to send your own emails we encourage respectful, short, and calm messages. 

Please remember that you are a reflection of us all us and we represent each other. **********