We are very excited to participate in the 2017 Calgary Pet-A-Palooza



I just recently spoke with the SPCA. I had asked for a response via email so I could show everyone.

I have copied and pasted the body of the email.

I have also confirmed the donation link provided is 100% legit and you even get a tax receipt.

So to answer the most requested questions we are receiving please see the email response below.

"Thank you very much for your message. Please understand that we are currently receiving a large volume of messages.

- If you would like to offer your help (transport, rescue transfers, adoption outside of Quebec, etc), please contact Tammie Benoit at tbenoit@spcamontreal.com

- To donate for this particular cause, please visit https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/startup.aspx?eventid=201163

- For questions regarding the new regulation, please contact 311, as we too, find it vague and imprecise.

- To adopt a dog, please visit https://goo.gl/JziGDB (please visit the site daily). We invite you to contact other animal shelters in Montreal as well.

- We also encourage you to share the online petition available at the following address www.saferkindercommunities.com

We are very grateful of your generous support; rest assured that we are working very hard on this dossier. The Montreal SPCA team thanks you."

To learn more about the lawsuit the SPCA has launched against the City of Montreal click here http://www.spca.com/?p=13494&lang=en