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Ways to help Montreal dog owners



September 26th 2016 is fast approaching. This will be the date in which the council will vote on a bylaw that targets:

Staffordshire Bull Terrier,
American Staffordshire Terrier, and
American Pit Bull Terrier

And any dog(s) having “several morphological characteristics” of mixes of dogs with one of 3 breeds.

Should this law pass, dogs that fit the above descriptions will not be transferable to another owner, and will not be able to be adopted out. This includes dogs in shelters.

Should you not comply and meet the demands of this law and not obtain the special permit to have your dog, you risk your dog being seized and killed.

English Version of bylaw can be seen here: http://www.chicobandido.com/public/montreal_animal_bylaw_en.pdf

We are asking for ALL of you to take a stance with us and support our dog owning friends in Montreal. Please take a moment to do the following:

1) Sign this petition: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/my-montr%C3%A9al-includes-all-dog.html

2) Sign this petition: http://www.saferkindercommunities.com/#action

3) Send one or both of these letters to the following email addresses:

http://justice-for-bullies.myshopify.com/blogs/news/sample-boycott-message a letter about boycotting travel to Montreal, very short, simple and to the point. Offered in English and French

http://justice-for-bullies.myshopify.com/blogs/news/sample-letter-to-send-to-elected-officials-in-quebec-who-are-pushing-for-or-enacting-breed-specific-legislation a longer letter offered in French and English that focuses on facts, science and proven methods

Email addresses for you to copy and paste:

Denis Coderre <denis.coderre@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Jim Beis <dimitrios.beis@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Michel Bissonette <michel.bissonnet@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Christine Black <christine.black@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Karine Boivin-Roy <karine.boivin.roy@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Richard Celzi <richard.celzi@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Harout Chitilian <harout.chitilian@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Catherine Clément-Talbot <catherineclementtalbot@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Suzanne Décarie <suzannedecarie@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Mary Deros <mderos@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Alan deSousa <adesousa@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Pierre Desrochers <p.desrochers@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Érika Duchesne <erika.duchesne@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Marc-André Gadoury <marc-andre.gadoury@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Pierre Gagnier <pierre.gagnier@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Manon Gauthier <manon.gauthier@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Jean-Marc Gibeau <jgibeau@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Richard Guay <richard.guay@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Patricia Lattanzio <patricia.r.lattanzio@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Francesco Miele <francesco.miele@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Jean-François Parenteau <jean-francois.parenteau@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Lionel Perez <lionel.perez@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Dominic Perri <dperri@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Giovanni Rapana <giovanni.rapana@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Chantal Rouleau <chantal.rouleau@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Chantal Rossi <chantal.rossi@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Aref Salem <aref.salem@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Anie Samson <asamson@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Monique Vallée <monique.vallee@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Russell Copeman <russell.copeman@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Elsie Lefebvre <elsie.lefebvre@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Réal Ménard <real.menard@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Richard Bergeron <richardbergeron@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Marie Cinq-Mars <mariecinq-mars@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Jean-François Cloutier <jfcloutier@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Claude Dauphin <cdauphin@ville.montreal.qc.ca>, Lorraine Pagé <lorraine.page@ville.montreal.qc.ca>

If you successfully complete all of the above the estimated time is 25 minutes.

Please comment below if you have done any or all of the above.

Thank you for your time and efforts!

Together we stand, to watch BSL fall!