We are very excited to participate in the 2017 Calgary Pet-A-Palooza

We still need your help

As the situation of Montreal remains unknown and currently BSL free until the suspension is lifted I would like to remind everyone of a few things.

This is not currently a permanent solution. The City of Montreal appealed the judge’s decision and will return to court November 25, 2016 to have their arguments heard. 

Blake, Cassels & Graydon will represent the City of Montreal in this case and reserve a sum of $62,000 +legal fees.

Should this not end in our favor there are dogs that are going to need to adjust and desensitize to wearing muzzles. I would suggest that during this time you continue to work on this with your pups so that you can effectively get them used to this. Should you need resources to properly muzzle train your pets please ask we will gladly put together some information with the help of the trained professionals within our group.



Please do not forget that the SPCA is currently fundraising to cover the costs of this legal battle. The bill for this will be rather substantial and they truly need all the help that they can get. https://www.saferkindercommunities.com/

Continue to write emails. We have all of the information on out webpage. We have letter templates email addresses and a guideline on how to help.

Sample email to send if you are a rescue or foster animals


Sample email to Montreal City Councillors 


Mayor Coderre and the Minions


Montreal Petition Link


Top questions regarding Montreal


Ways to help Montreal


Montreal is NOT the only place with BSL. Should you wish to learn more about this please click here:


Miami Dade needs our help just as much as Montreal, Ontario, Winnipeg, New Zealand and all areas with or considering BSL. Please consider helping other areas.


Please take this time to send out letters to YOUR elected officials asking what their stance is on BSL.

Municipal elections are 13 months away in Montreal. We have 13 months in which we can encourage people to vote for a party that will not enact BSL and take their power for granted.

It is time that we the people exercise our rights to vote, and exercise our voices. Politicians work for US. We do NOT work for them.