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I would like to welcome you to the good fight, where you will be questioned daily, where you will be forced to remain calm, subjective and in control of your emotions at all times. Where your limits will be pushed, your intentions will be questioned and your reactions will be observed. Your education will be scrutinized, your appearance discriminated against and your heart exposed. You will be forced to overcome negativity by remaining positive. You will question why you became a part of this and why you continue to fight. You will be insulted, shot down, and be surrounded by disbelievers. You will feel defeated and want to quit at times, but don't! After all is said and done you will be reminded by 4 feet or more as to why you subject yourself to this fight known as ending BSL! Take a look at all of your dogs and the unconditional love and loyalty they provide you and remind yourself why you became part of this movement. Remember our motto "I sit for you, will you stand up for me" and keep this in your mind.

Without that passion and drive none of us would be here. Hang on to that passion and do something positive with it.

The reality of Breed Specific Legislation is not all fun and games; it is a very harsh, cruel reality with minimal happy endings for many dogs, and in some cases for the people who are in charge of the welfare of these dogs.

Please become proactive. Demonstrate what responsible owners you are on the streets. Show the public how fabulous your dogs are. Get out there and change minds!

Start writing the politicians who represent you, ask their thoughts on BSL, start opening up to your veterinarians, your dog walkers, your dog groomers, etc. Ask them to write letters if they oppose BSL. We need more involvement from our members if we want to make change happen. We all have it within to promote change, we just need to take our passion and turn it into dedication.

Education is the key component to winning these battles and the only tool we have to arm ourselves with is knowledge.. Education is key, knowledge is power and with this we have some pretty powerful ammunition for this battle

Let us unite as RESPONSIBLE owners and fight Breed Specific Legislation.

Together we stand to watch BSL fall!!

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