Coroner Ethan Lichtblau interview on CJAD regarding Montreal Breed Ban

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A wonderful share from HugABull

Coroner Dr. Ethan Lichtblau published a report on the death of Christiane Vadnais, who was attacked by her neighbour's dog last year and died of her injuries. Lichtblau pointed out the many factors that led to this tragic death, and called Montreal's decision to implement a breed ban "disappointing".

Yesterday he was interviewed by a local radio station and it is riveting. He doesn't tolerate nonsense or pseudoscience and cuts straight to the chase of the issue. Dr. Lichtblau - thank you for helping to spread facts over fear.


Host: "We know that some breeds are more killing machines than others..."

Lichtblau: "No we don't."

Host: "Well we do know that one is more forceful and potential killer based on its strength..."

Lichtblau: "No, we don't. We do not. And by you saying that on the radio, you're repeating this falsehood that just goes out into the airwaves so that everyone thinks 'oh he knows what he's talking about'. We actually do not know that."


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