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Mayor Coderre

Mayor Coderre,

May I remind you that the Quebec Liberal Values are as follows:

Individual freedoms
Quebec Identity
Economic Development
Social Justice
Respecting Civil Society
Politics under democracy
Canadian Identity
Intergenerational Equity

May I also remind you that you are paid to do a job, and you are not doing it.

In pushing for a ban of a specific breed and or physical appearance of a dog you have all failed to live up to the very values that are the foundation of the political party you represent.

You have taken away our individual freedoms.

You have taken away our desire to want to identify to a Province because you are promoting and encouraging discrimination, hatred, and bullying and nobody wants to identify with that.

You have taken away economic development as people will now boycott cities and provinces enacting such hateful legislation. They will no longer travel there and they will no lo get be able to contribute to the billions of dollars made in tourism.

You have taken away social justice as you have left us all vulnerable and taken away our rights and equality.
You have failed to respect civil society.

You have failed to represent democracy.

You have failed to identify with Canadians.

You have failed to consider this generation's perspectives when enacting public policies this making us suffer social repercussions.

You have failed to live up to your word and your promises as our elected official.

You have failed us, and our voices.

If you want to hold an entire population of dogs accountable for the actions of a few I too will lower myself to your level.

From this moment forward I will hold all members of the Liberal party accountable for murdering countless dogs, destroying numerous families, fear mongering, spreading hatered, leaving their citizens vulnerable, and for enacting BSL.

As long as I shall live NO member of the Liberal Party will get my vote. This is not democracy you have become a dictatorship.

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